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    Organic, local, delicious...

    Hearty Catering’s use of locally grown and organic food is a major component in creating our delicious cuisine. We’re devoted to green and sustainable business and food production practices.

  • Hearty Catering

    Put the heart into your next business event...

    Hearty Catering puts the emphasis on local and organic foods, creating the perfect menu for your next business or personal event.

  • Hearty Catering

    Drop by the Hearty Cafe for meals that help you keeping going...

    Using local and organic ingredients, Hearty Cafe creates nourishing meals that keep you on the go. Eat in or takeaway at the Canadian College of Naturopathic

  • Hearty Catering

    Visit a Farmers’ Market near you for more of Hearty Catering...

    Hearty Catering is at 4 great Farmers’ Markets in Toronto each week, offering great meals, desserts and our wonderful vegan & gluten-free salad bar.

  • Hearty Catering

    From our heart to your table...

    Hearty Catering is now offering specially prepared meals that you can take home with you, to cook and serve. You can also purchase them at select retailers.

  • Hearty Catering

    Your wedding day will always be remembered...

    We continue to offer the very best of organic, local ingredients in refined and original dishes that tempt all palates. Special dietary needs are our expertise.

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